Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Pics

I am so glad it is spring time...I love to have warmer weather and sunny days. It has been quite fun around here lately, Easter came quickly this year to me. We did our usual easter egg dyeing and the kids loved it. Here are a few of the pics that we took. Logan had a blast, but he kept trying to eat the egg as fast as he could take it out of the coloring.

I ended up cooking 6 dozen eggs it was a whole lot of eggs being colored, but my kids love hard boiled eggs so none of them went to waste. Here are a few more pics. The family picture has one extra kid in it, his name is elijah and he is McKades friend from school. He joined us in coloring easter eggs.

After coloring easter eggs, all the kids decided they had to eat two hard boiled eggs. So needless to say our hard boiled eggs didn't last to long, I think they were almost all gone before Easter day.

Emma getting ready to go "hunt" for easter eggs.

It has been so nice here lately, that the kids have spent much of their free time outdoors, which is great for me because the house stays cleaner longers. I have spent much of the last couple of weeks finishing my spring cleaning with the exception of the outside windows. That will come but it has to be at least 80 degrees before I can do that job.
Here are some of the pics from Easter. The Easter bunny always brings eggs and hides them and after we come home from church, they get their baskets and head out the door to find them. Logan and Emma had the most fun I believe. Here are some of the pictures:

Bockenstedt Crew all eagerly waiting for the word "go."
This is Logans first time at gathering his own easter eggs. Kennadee loved to help him "find" the eggs. I think he had the best time, he was running all over the place once he realized their was "nandy" in the eggs. He really liked the eggs with the chocolate eggs. So did him mom.

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